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About the European Learning Network

This website is part of the implementation programme of the EU NGO core grant focusing on mobilising and supporting local and regional authorities to deliver biodiversity objectives in a practical way.

The website acts as a portal directing interested local and regional authorities to the resources they need to implement biodiversity actions in practice. By acting as a network of networks, it tries to bring together all relevant players and information on the implementation of biodiversity policy by local and regional authorities in pan European scale (includes EU member states and Non-EU countries and pre-accession countries). Especially the sharing of knowledge and expertise and best applied methods and successful actions between EU member states, accession countries and third countries should be facilitated by this network.

In such a way, this online tool assists in the practical implementation of international biodiversity objectives as set out in the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) and others.

ECNC and UNEP will act as the coordinators of practical actions in support of local and regional biodiversity initiatives. The focus of the activities will be demand driven. Therefore networking and consultation  about the main challenges and issues regionals and local governments are dealing with in regards of biodiversity will be a core element of the approach.

Earlier consultations with a number of regions and networks already indicated some important issues for regional and local governments:

  • Biodiversity and spatial planning (green infrastructure)
  • Biodiversity and (sustainable) agriculture
  • Biodiversity and sustainable tourism
  • Management of protected areas (in particular Natura 2000)
  • Education and awareness raining
  • Transposing international and European policies at the local and regional levels

Resources on these themes is therefore given on these web pages, but as networking and consultations progress, the content will be adapted to reflect the main issues.

Regional authorities and the regional and local actors (stakeholders) they work with in the field of biodiversity (NGOs, businesses, area managers etc) are welcome to use the website and its contents for the purpose of knowledge sharing, presentation of projects, and search for partners.

Regions interested in sharing their knowledge and information and/or in participating in the network are invited to send a request to the network manager, Mark Snethlage at


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